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With CBD products bursting onto the market, it’s hard to go on the internet nowadays without seeing a promotion or review about the beneficial compound. In addition to a wide-range of educational information. But, in the era of ‘fake news’ it can be hard to decipher the facts from fluff, and get all the info you need from one trustworthy source. Which is why CBD books are increasing in popularity.

Expert authors, and users alike have done the work for you. Compiling the most pertinent information about Cannabidiol or CBD, into easy to read formats for any user to understand and follow along. So what have we done for you? We’ve compiled the top 6 best CBD books on the market today, to help enrich your CBD experience or education. Let’s get started with the reviews.

Best CBD Books Overall

Some books encapsulate everything in the CBD world, from history to medical use to real-life use and application. The choices on our best CBD books overall, accomplish this with an ease of readability. When you’re looking to be your own CBD expert, look no further. These books will leave you feeling like you’ve learned everything you need to know.

The ABCs of CBD
By Shira Adler

Known as the ‘essential guide’ with the tagline ‘why pot’s not what we were taught’ you know you’re going to get a re-education on Cannabis and CBD, with the ABCs of CBD. With it’s simple title, this page-turner was published in January, 2018 really does cover CBD and its journey on the modern market. At just 226 pages, reading it is a breeze and Shira relates to the average CBD user and even demonstrates how she’s incorporated CBD into her family life as a mother. What makes this CBD book stand out as one of the best overall?

  • Tone of voice – Shira takes a funny and relatable approach to breaking down the scientific workings of CBD.
  • Easily understood – With CBD, there’s a lot of technical terms that can be hard to understand if you’re not a scientist yourself. Shira’s approach explores CBD in an elementary manner, for anyone to grasp.
  • Parent focused – The guide is especially helpful for families or parents who are looking to add CBD to their health or wellness routines.

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis – Healing Without the High
by Leonard Leinow & Juliana Birnbaum

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis may be the closest thing to an encyclopedia on the topic of CBD. Ideal for beginners or experts alike, the guide, published in 2017 highlights everything you need to know from a wellness and medicinal perspective. Leonard Leinow takes his decades of experience in the medical cannabis industry and details key points for patients, specifically and scientifically. Its 352 Pages are chock-full of beneficial information, studies and user reviews. Here are the top 3 takeaways on why this CBD book is one of the best:-

  • Medically focused – The book contains sections on CBD use for anxiety, depression, arthritis, seizures and more.
  • Product perspective – The authors do a stellar job at summarizing the differences in CBD vs Hemp products, the best strains for medical use and other key factors you’ll need to know when purchasing CBD for treatments.
  • Research matters – Be enlightened with CBD facts with research to back up the claims. The guide includes the latest in CBD trials, research outcomes and why it matters to the future of CBD.

Best of Newly Released CBD Books

In an industry that’s moving a mile a minute, CBD books that have been newly released can include recent trends and updated research. While all of our best books are ‘tried and true’ no matter their release date; here are our favorite CBD books that have recently hit the shelves, and are worthy of being included as newly released ‘bests’.

The CBD Oil Solution: Treat Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, and More-without the High
by Dr. Rachna Patel

Written by Dr.Rachna Patel, ‘The CBD Oil Solution’ delivers an introspective snapshot into what using CBD oil looks like in today’s real world, from a doctor and everyday patient’s outlook. The guide is well-written and easy to understand, yet packed with vital information on how CBD is used medically. At just 128 pages, this quick read not only addresses specific conditions (like the ones listed in the title) but also delivers a plethora of everyday uses for CBD like recipes. Why else did we love this as one of our best CBD books?

  • Doctor Dosing – The author breaks down dosage, and how to do so properly for a number of conditions or uses.
  • DIY Applications – The book delivers ‘CBD Oil Solutions’ like DIY recipes that are easy to add into anyone’s routines.
  • Timely Information – Published in March 2019, Dr.Patel infuses the ‘self-care’ trend with CBD and all the latest information from today’s industry.

CBD: What You Need to Know: Second Edition
by Dr. Gregory L. Smith

An updated version to his first edition ‘CBD What You Need To Know’ proves sequels can be better. Dr.Gregory Smith re-published a classic best CBD book, with a second edition version just published in February 2020. The book adds on to all of the essential CBD information and education from the first version, with an updated point of view and condensed down to only 211 pages. It includes more recent trial successes, research outcomes and the progression of CBD in health and business markets. What’s even better, is Dr.Smith adds in personal narratives from his own practice adding a real-life point of view. The top 3 reasons why this is considered one of the best CBD books to be newly released are:-

  • History of hemp – This book dives into the history of hemp, from ancient use to how CBD is growing exponentially in recent years up to 2020.
  • Legality & use – As a prescribing doctor, the author details the legalization of CBD use and cannabis, too.
  • Condition focused – The text covers 17 different conditions that CBD can help relieve symptoms of, including details into how CBD can help fight opioid use and addiction.

Best CBD Books For Beginners

If you’re just getting into CBD, you might be looking for that ‘newbies’ guide. Luckily, there are a few light reads that provide all the CBD information you need to know, in a layman’s term format. To get started learning more about CBD and how it’s beneficial healthwise, these books will get you off on the right foot.

CBD Hemp Oil: The Essential Guide to Cannabidiol
by Max Burton

The quickest read on our list, in just 52 pages author Max Burton summarizes only the ‘essential’ information on CBD hemp oil. While brief in content the simplified version gives beginners a peek into everything you need to know about Cannabidiol and how it’s being used in the 20th century. Published in 2017, while it’s not the most current, the information is educational and timeless in nature. Here are the top 3 reasons we’ve included this piece as one of the Best CBD books –

  • Easy to digest – No fluff, and straight to the point, author Max Burton details the basics on CBD and how it’s found to be medically beneficial.
  • How to use – One of the biggest questions for beginners is, how do I use CBD? From topical application, to oral or vaping this guide covers it all.
  • CBD vs THC – Included in the essential guide is an overview of how CBD differs from THC for beginners or those in fear of trying CBD, due to the relation.

CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness
by Gretchen Lidicker

Pictures really are worth 1,000 words and author Gretchen Lidicker provides photograph value, with her book CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets. With over 50 color photographs, and 192 pages, beginners will get a look into the CBD world while learning the most vital information, too. This 2017 published book not only covers the basics of how CBD scientifically is aiding a number of treatments, but overviews the perspective of health and wellness leaders on the topic. In addition, the author provides 40 beginner friendly recipes so you can end the piece with DIYing CBD into your life. Other reasons why this book earns its spot on our Best CBD books list are –

  • Beauty & health – The recipes included are health-conscious and beauty driven, with a DIY CBD face mask like we’ve never seen before.
  • Self-care – The book takes a ‘self-care’ approach towards CBD and how beginners can implement the supplement into their wellness routines.
  • Approachable science – With an entire section devoted to scientific research, the book lends to CBD education in a beginner friendly and approachable manner.

Read up on CBD

While the internet is great for research on a number of topics, browsing for CBD information can be convoluted and sometimes confusing. So, sometimes it’s best to get back to the basics and pick up a good book to do the research for you. That’s why we’ve compiled the Top 6 Best CBD books to turn to. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the titles included are the top reads for you.


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