Green Roads Review: Is it Legit? The Pros & Cons


Green Roads Highlights


  • Non-GMO
  • 3rd Party Testing
  • Vegan and Gluten-free
  • Organic farming methods
  • Full Spectrum and Broad-spectrum


  • Poor Guarantee
  • No return policy
  • Military / First Responders Discounts

Full Green Roads Review

Green Roads was founded in 2014 by Arby Barroso and Laura Baldwin Fuentes, who was a licensed compound pharmacist for 20 years and is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Green Road claims they are the only CBD company to have a registered pharmacist in the company. Green Road came about because of Arby’s addiction to prescribed opiates at the time.

He approached his good friend Laura to help him with his addiction. He was a hemp expert but he had no knowledge of how to use to and make CBD oils so he turned to his friend Laura, who was a licensed compound pharmacist, to help him create a product.

So, she started experimenting with formulas in the evenings and on weekends. The results were so good that they became passionate about spreading the benefits of CBD to as many people as they could, and so Green Road was born.

Green Road has its own proprietary formulas it uses in making its CBD oils and they are sold in 10,000 plus stores across the US. In fact, in January 2020 Green Road received a huge vote of confidence when the IPA (Independent Pharmacists Alliance) agreed to stock Green Road’s full range of CBD products in their 3,150 stores.

Green Road also formulated and produced the first pharmacist licensed 3500mg CBD in the US. They are ranked as the largest CBD company in the US and their products have won many awards and top reviews. The Observer rated their CBD oil as the third-best in the country and number one by, their creams were voted number one by t2online and their gummies number one be and their capsules came sixth place on the

Green Roads was also Awarded the Remedy Review Seal of Approval. This means that their oil was tested by Remedy Review, who have one of the most comprehensive tests in the industry, and includes tests for label accuracy, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, mycotoxins, and terpenes.

They are also rated by as excellent, but that said I know first-hand that some of these CBD companies (not specifically Green Road) are paying freelancers to leave positive reviews for them on the Trustpilot platform.

Organic Farming

It seems unclear as to whether Green Roads industrial hemp is grown in the US or Europe as I found sites claiming both and I couldn’t find any information on the website about where their hemp came from. However, with a little bit more digging I found states that their hemp comes from farms in Colorado and Kentucky.

In fact, I couldn’t find anything about their farming or farming techniques on their website either. The only information I could find was a “claim”, which I couldn’t substantiate, that it was certified (no saying by whom) 100% organic, vegan and GMO-free. However, without any real proof to back these claims up, it’s hard to believe but their third-party tests do come back negative for chemicals and solvents etc.


Green Road uses a Supercritical CO2 extraction method for its CBD oil. In this method a low-temperature CO2 with high pressure causes it to have gas-liquid properties which enable extracting the CBD oil with all the plant’s compounds intact. When it’s brought back to room temperature the CO2 evaporates naturally without any solvents or chemicals used to give a purer, cleaner CBD oil.


The Green Road CBD oil has a reputation as being the purest on the market at 99% and uses hemp seed oil as an MCT, broad-spectrum oil, Kosher grade and vegetable glycerin. The Green Road oil also has a very high bioavailability which means that it is absorbed into the body a lot quicker, also a higher percentage of the CBD is absorbed giving increased benefits and lasting longer. Their 3500mg CBD tincture is graded by as being among the top 5 strongest oils.

Third-Party Testing

Green Road, like many of the top CBD companies, in order to give customers confidence in their product due to a lack of FDA regulation in the industry, have all batches and products tested by an independent testing facility known as Evio Labs , who are recognized as being one of the top testing facilities in the industry.

They can test for 17 cannabinoids, 66 pesticides, solvents, metals and microbial impurities etc. Green Road is one of the few companies to use such in-depth testing. Not only that, but they also test all their raw materials before being used in the production process to ensure the highest quality possible of the oil.

Customer Service

Green Roads Customer Service staff are top rate. They are friendly, patient, helpful and knowledgeable. On looking for problems and complaints online I couldn’t find anything negative about their customer service, which is unusual because they are often the first in the firing line.

Online Store

Their online store has a clean professional look and feel and is easy to navigate. The certificates of Analysis from Evio Labs are easy to find, unlike many company’s test certificates. The only faults I could find was that their Shipping Policy and Returns Policy, as well as their 30 Day Guarantee were hidden away in the small print on their Terms and Conditions page. However, they do have their contact details clearly visible at the top of every page and a chat box.


They have a choice of 4 shipping options using UPS ground service; 1 or 2 days, overnight or priority service, but they don’t offer free shipping unless you spend more than $100. They also offer international shipping

Discount Program

Green Road has two generous discount programs for the Military and First Responders giving up to 50% discount on all their products.

They also have a rewards program. With the rewards program for every $1 you spend, you receive 1 point and 20 points can be redeemed for a $1 discount when making a purchase. Their referral program gives you $15, 300 points when someone you refer makes a purchase and they also get $15 off their first purchase.

Guarantee and Returns Policy

As mentioned earlier, I had to really dig around to find their Guarantee and Returns policy and to be quite honest, for a company with such a good reputation I would expect better. They have a 30 Day Guarantee but the product has to be returned unused and unopened.


Green Road’s oils are far from the cheapest on the market but they are one of the best and purest so probably give better value than most despite this.

Their 1500MG CBD tincture works out at about $0.14 per milligram of CBD.

Green Road Reviews


● CBD Oils
● CBD Edibles
● CBD Topicals
● CBD Capsules
● CBD Tea and CBD Coffee
● CBD Terpenes
● CBD Oil for Pets
● Fillers used

Green Road CBD Oils

Green Road’s flagship product is its CBD oils. They have a wide range of oils that are available either as a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. Unlike many other CBD oils, they use hemp seed oil as an MCT to promote the bioavailability of the CBD rather than the more popular fractionated coconut oil.

This has both its pros and cons. Firstly it gives a good alternative to those that use the fractionated coconut oil, however, the fractionated coconut oil does breakdown the CBD quicker for the body to absorb and it also makes more CBD available for your body to absorb.

A full spectrum oil is one that includes all the natural compounds of the plant, including a trace of THC, the psychoactive compound in the plant, but the amount (0.3%) won’t cause you to get high. This also means that you will get the full entourage effect from and synergy of all the cannabinoids working together.

A Broad-Spectrum CBD is the same as a Full-spectrum except that the trace element of THC has been removed. This allows people who are regularly tested for drugs to use them without fear. Also, as it still has all the other cannabinoids it still has the entourage effect.


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3500 mg, Hemp Seed Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable, Glycerin, Sunflower Lecithin, Proprietary Terpene Blend

Full Spectrum

Active: Hemp-Derived Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract. Other Ingredients: Glycerin, MCT oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed oil, and Hemp Seed oil.

They are available:

1ml 33mg / 50mg strength
15ml 100/250/350/550mg
30ml 300/750/1000/1500mg
60ml 50mg

Also, the broad-spectrum oils come in a choice of natural, Apple Kiwi Bliss and Mint Breeze flavours and are especially good for anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation and sleep disorders. The natural flavours, especially in the full-spectrum oils, have a slight hempy taste. All of these oils can also be used for vaping.

I have trolled a dozen or so sites reading reviews on Green Road’s CBD oils and I haven’t, as of yet, come across anything negative, other than a few who said they felt no effects from the weaker oils, but this may be down to their metabolisms or the dose being too weak.

Green Road Gummies Review

Gummies are always a popular choice among CBD enthusiasts and especially newbies or casual users, and Green Road’s Gummies are one of the most delicious on the market. In fact, ranked them the second-best Gummies overall!

But Green Road doesn’t stop at Gummy Bears, they also have Fruit Bites, Relief Toads, Froggies, Sourz Froggies and Sleep Z’s.

The Gummy (Relax) Bears come in bottles of 30 bears, each with a 10mg dose of CBD, giving 300mg of CBD in total. These are only available as a broad-spectrum CBD. They are good for relieving Complex PTSD, sleep disorders, anxiety, nerve damage and arthritis.

Again, I found hundreds of positive reviews on these but very little in the way of bad reviews. In fact, the only problem or complaint I could find was the Bears, or Gummies melting and becoming a huge ball of sugary, sticky gelatine. This seems to be a fairly common problem, particularly in warmer climates. However, Green Road has acknowledged the problem and says they are experimenting with solutions to the problem.


Corn Syrup, Sugar (from beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors,, Lactic Acid, Pectin, FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, 300mg Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract

Green Toad CBD Capsules

These are Green Road’s second most popular product after their oils. Capsules are easy to use, easy to measure the dose, convenient to carry and discreet. Each bottle has 30 capsules with 25mg of Broad-spectrum CBD per capsule.

They have three different types of capsules available, each for its own specially formulated function.

Relax: these capsules are specially formulated to help relieve everyday stress and tension and to promote calmness. Ingredients; GABA (500mg), 5-HTP (25mg), Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Extract (25mg). Vegetable cellulose (capsule), Vegetable Stearate. Out of 21 reviews on their sight, only one review said they didn’t work.

Sleep: The second form of capsules have been formulated to help people with sleep disorders. Each capsule includes 5mg of melatonin, which has been used for years to promote sleep in those who are having problems sleeping well. Ingredients; Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Extract, Melatonin 5mg, Vegetable cellulose (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate.

Softgels: The last one is their softgel CBD capsules. These capsules have been formulated to promote the well-being of your whole body with a mix of cannabinoids and other natural ingredients. Ingredients; Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Extract, Gelatin, Water, MCT Oil (Coconut Derived) and Hemp Seed Oil

Conclusion: Is Green Roads legit?

I spent about 2-3 hours trolling the internet and Reddit reading reviews on Green Road and their products and came away feeling that here was a truly professional company with excellent products, great customer service and a great reputation. I read through literally hundreds of reviews.

The only negative comments I came across were regarding their shipping charges, or more accurately the fact that shipping in the US wasn’t free (which I agree with) but they do give very good discounts for the military and first responders, and then there’s the problem with the melting gummies!


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